Future Research Students

My role

  • Not to give you ready answers but to guide you to develop original answers
  • Not to help you attain a degree but to coach you to become a good researcher
  • Not to make you a clone of me but to support you in finding your own path

What I will provide

  • Expertise in digital innovation and qualitative research
    • Research area:
      Digital innovation, hybrid product, design thinking and practice
    • Research approach (mostly qualitative with a few computational):
      Grounded theory method, event structure modeling, process research, topic modeling
    • Theoretical foundation:
      The thesis of line, assemblage theory, affordance theory, general theory of institutional facts, sensemaking, hermeneutics, process philosophy, and embodied cognition
  • Top-tier research and teaching network

What you need for my support for the application

  • A practical phenomenon that you are passionate about
  • Confirmed access to relevant data sources
  • A research proposal that can demonstrate your passion, original insights into the phenomenon, understanding of what research is, planned research projects, and expected research outcomes
  • A creative review of seven must-reads (≥ 1000 words):
    • Yoo, Y., Henfridsson, O. and Lyytinen, K., 2010. The new organizing logic of digital innovation: An agenda for information systems research. Information Systems Research, 21(4), pp.724-735.
    • Yoo, Y., 2010. Computing in everyday life: A call for research on experiential computing. MIS Quarterly, 34(2), pp.213-231.
    • Yoo, Y., Boland Jr, R.J., Lyytinen, K. and Majchrzak, A., 2012. Organizing for innovation in the digitized world. Organization Science, 23(5), pp.1398-1408.
    • Henfridsson, O., Mathiassen, L. and Svahn, F., 2014. Managing technological change in the digital age: The role of architectural frames. Journal of Information Technology, 29(1), pp.27-43.
    • Verganti, R., 2017. Overcrowded: Designing meaningful products in a world awash with ideas. The MIT Press.
    • Henfridsson, O., Nandhakumar, J., Scarbrough, H. and Panourgias, N., 2018. Recombination in the open-ended value landscape of digital innovation. Information and Organization, 28(2), pp.89-100.
    • Mousavi Baygi, R., Introna, L.D. and Hultin, L., 2021. Everything Flows: Studying Continuous Socio-Technological Transformation in a Fluid and Dynamic Digital World. MIS Quarterly, 45(1), pp. 423-452.
  • Meet the admission requirements of the school